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We Served Humanity right from the beginning.

In the late 90’s the Society responded to the increasing challenges in child protection work due to the severe economic hardships in the country and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. CPS widened its scope of work and to encompass community based child care, which includes promoting adoption and foster care. An advocacy project lobbying the policymakers for more child-friendly legislation on birth certificates was also initiated.
The Chinyaradzo Children’s Home changed to Chinyaradzo Children’s Shelter. In 2002 house units were set up and a hospice was established, caring for the terminally ill children in our care. The day care centres were further developed into Early Learning Centres providing educational day care for children between 2 and 6 years.

Child Protection Society (CPS) is a Not for profit Child Rights Organization based in Belvedere, Harare with operations across the Provinces of the country.
Child Protection Society was started as a membership-based organisation in 1952, 5th March, and was registered as a welfare organisation in 1977 with the Department of Social Welfare. Its original thrust was in the care of children in difficult circumstances. For more than 50 years CPS has been promoting the well being of children, and protecting them from abuse, suffering and neglect. The first CPS project was to establish a Children’s Home: Chinyaradzo, which caters for approximately 60 children, was opened in 1962. CPS also offered daycare service at Colin John Campbell Centre and Margaret Campbell Centre, for children from 2-6 years old.

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